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Many people, especially new graduates whether they're fresh out of high school, college, university, or some sort of advanced education, they all will tell you that it can be extremely difficult finding work. It doesn't matter "how educated" you are, it more depends on whether your education fits with the market demands for jobs at the moment. So someone fresh out of trade school might have an easier time finding work than a PhD. ...continue reading "Finding Work in Another Province"

Bankruptcy is a process where consumers and businesses can get rid of or repay some or all of their debts and can be done under the protection of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and the Bankruptcies Act in Canada. For American readers this under the federal bankruptcy court. There are two types of insolvency, bankruptcy and consumer proposal (two types for American bankruptcies: liquidation and reorganization). ...continue reading "Information And Types Of Bankruptcy"

HR solutions should include business benefits administration. Although many businesses, especially those who hire employees part time try to keep the costs of benefits and overtime to a minimum. It is not surprising that one of the major tasks delegated to the human resources department of many organizations is business benefits admin. The task of HR is to find way to retain competent employees, train news ones and, unfortunately, to let people go who are not living up to the company's expectations. ...continue reading "Business Benefits Admin HR Solutions"

Toronto is where some of the Canada's business magnates have established large investments and remains the most sought after investment destination in Canada. This means a business in Toronto has a higher chance of recording significant growth than in other places. For sustained growth, organizations are expected to assemble the best of the breed employees capable of distinguishing them from the rest. Clearly, a weak human resource management plan will not help a company to leverage on Toronto's great potential. ...continue reading "Hire A Human Resource Consulting Firm And Grow Big With The Rest"