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Finding Work in Another Province

Many people, especially new graduates whether they're fresh out of high school, college, university, or some sort of advanced education, they all will tell you that it can be extremely difficult finding work. It doesn't matter "how educated" you are, it more depends on whether your education fits with the market demands for jobs at the moment. So someone fresh out of trade school might have an easier time finding work than a PhD.

Then you take it one step further. You decide you want to move. Perhaps it's for a special someone? Maybe you just had enough of where you're currently living and want a fresh start. So let's pretend you live in Ontario and you want to head to the golden coast, BC.

can you network?

Decision 1

Quit your job? If you already have work and just want a change, do you just quit and hope for the best, or try to apply "part time" to other roles. By this I mean in the off hours after work. Being able to take phone calls and phone interviews can get challenging if you're still in another role. We say, do what makes most sense for your situation.

Decision / Challenge 2

Finding work. What's out there? How do you find it? If you don't have any connections and no feet on the ground out there to network and get an "in" anywhere - how do you secure a job remotely? It's tough. Our advice - use a job board that also does recruitment. Take a Kamloops job postings page for example, if that's all they do then at least you know where to start. Otherwise if they do recruitment, they can help you land it.

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